San Francisco Decorator Showcase


San Francisco Decorator Showcase

“An elegant space for a musician or connoisseur, the San Francisco Decorator Showcase 2014 music room… is rooted in classic sensibilities but elevated by a touch of confident, modern attitude.”


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San Francisco, California

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Eric Piasecki

The Music Room was designed by BAMO as an elegant space for a gifted musician and adventurous collector.  With a dark medley of classic and contemporary influences, distinctive styles come together in a single bold statement.  Louis XVI, Alexandra Von Furstenburg, Gerrit Rietveld and Jonathan Browning are all in attendance.  Heirlooms crisply detailed with bold blacks and deliriously vibrant scarlets create an interior that fearlessly rouses and re-imagines convention.

Between dusk and dawn, the gold ceiling comes alive with the warmth of a glorious, modern pendant.  Minimalist, sparkling scrim covers the window, allowing the outside in and just a hint of the inside out.  A deep toned sisal rug grounds the space and yet spiritually elevates the faux bois walls and lustrous ceiling.

Although the room has elements of formality, it’s really a place for living, listening to music, and holding practice sessions. The design reflects and reveals the owner and feels as if the host could pop in at any moment.