“Matsuri is the Japanese word for party.  Party is synonymous with celebration, and the restaurant Matsuri, created by [BAMO], emphatically celebrates Japanese design principles.”

Interior Design magazine

Quick Look

Santiago, Chile

Project Type
New Restaurant

Local Architect
Paula Gutierrez Erlandsen

Lighting Designer
Auerbach Glasow French

Oberto Gili

While designing an intimate luxury resort in Uruguay for a South American entrepreneur, BAMO was asked to create a Japanese restaurant within another of his properties, the Grand Hyatt Santiago.  Unfolding like a puzzle and divorced from its hotel surroundings, Matsuri celebrates the elegance and finesse of both Japanese design and cuisine.  Design principles, such as “borrowed” scenery and juxtaposition of scale, transformed a tall, 2,000 square foot gallery space into a captivating and dynamic 83 seat restaurant on two floors.  Natural and minimally detailed, materials include sublime woods, handmade glass, irregular stones, iron, paper, grasscloth, rattan, silk, and a touch of lacquer.  Textures and finishes vary from rough to smooth, rubbed to polished. The restaurant includes a “street” façade separate from the hotel, entry, lounge, booth seating, sushi and teppanyaki bars, and private tatami rooms.