Han Yue Lou Hotel, Solis Nanjing


Han Yue Lou Hotel, Solis Nanjing

“The acclaimed hospitality design and concept firms of BAMO and Spin, responsible for some of the world’s most stunning hotels, have assisted to create a state-of-the-art property that will become an important landmark in China.”

Horst Schulze, Chairman and CEO
Capella Hotel Group

Quick Look

Nanjing, China

Project Type
New Hotel

HUAYI Architect

Lighting Consultant

Spa Consultant

Han Yue Lou, Solis Nanjing

Designed as a business hotel as well as an important social hub for locals, Han Yue Lou takes its design cues from its location, while offering guests the luxuries they’ve come to expect from an international 5-star hotel.  BAMO discretely weaved Chinese style references throughout the hotel, resulting in sophisticated, modern spaces with a classical feeling.

The lobby and public areas are cosmopolitan and unexpected.  Lighting and polished stone add to the dramatic first impression, while classical components add a sense of scale and proportion reminiscent of a grand house.

The ambiance continues with individual carpet runners adorning wood floors within the guest room corridors.  Similar to a yacht, the guest rooms are expertly fitted out for functionality.  Millwork and a contemporary lacquer desk provide guests with an efficient work space, while the sleeping area takes on a slightly more residential feel, with a sleeping alcove and walls upholstered in silk with wood trim.