Ardmore Residence


Ardmore Residence

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New Private Residence

Chester Ong

The Ardmore Residence is sure to set a new standard of luxury within Singapore’s most prestigious neighborhood.  The avant-garde building, by Amsterdam-based UNStudio, provides the “impetus” for the modern thread that inspired our furniture selections and the overall aesthetic.

The residence is sophisticated and international, designed to appeal to a well-traveled owner drawn to Singapore’s cosmopolitan allure.  A single piece of art, monumental in scale and bold in character, anchors the room and projects a powerful and clear first impression.  Furnishings include recognizable classics and clean-lined, tasteful “background” pieces that mix textures and materials.  There is an ease to the arrangement.  Visually comfortable and not too rigid, it exudes an effortless luxury.  The master bedroom becomes a sanctuary of intimate comfort, a private, personal space.

Designed to look like a home, not a showroom, the overall result is an exclusive residence marked by European influence, American lightness, with a hint of Eastern simplicity.