The New Guard: Anne Wilkinson & Billy Quimby Appointed BAMO Principals


The New Guard: Anne Wilkinson & Billy Quimby Appointed BAMO Principals

BAMO (SF) appoints Anne Wilkinson and Billy Quimby as Principals, as they’re about to reveal two new projects, the Ritz-Carlton Chicago and Four Seasons Hotel Sao Paulo.

Inspired design with true identity at its core, this has been the driving vision of the award-winning San Francisco-based interior design firm BAMO since its inception. Recognized for their expertise, integrity and dynamic approach to design, the firm specializes in creating authentic spaces with flawless aesthetic and functionality that enriches the lives of those that reside in them. This belief in the individualized narrative of each space leads to a purposeful, custom approach that reveals the true voice of a place.

Firm believers in the whole being greater than the sum of its parts, when the decision arose to add new Principals to the team, it was natural to look for talents within to helm these important leadership roles. With great pride, BAMO announced the selection of Anne Wilkinson and Billy Quimby as new Principals of their firm. In their new roles, Anne and Billy join the distinguished company of design industry visionaries Michael Booth, Gerry Jue, Pamela Babey, Steven Henry and Dorothy Greene to lead BAMO’s unique method and legacy well into the future.

Anne Wilkinson is an outstanding, LEED accredited professional, who also carries the distinction of being BAMO’s first employee. A New York native and Design & Environmental Analysis graduate from Cornell University, Anne’s calling was revealed to her through her first love, dance. To describe it in her own words:

Hotels are a stage set with the guests as players and the interiors setting the mood and acting as a backdrop for irreplaceable experiences.”

Anne still practices dance, and willingly admits that ballet ultimately taught her many of the values essential to success as a designer: rigor and discipline, but also how to determine what line will be the most beautiful one. It’s this theatrical interplay of place and mood that fuels Anne’s passion for creating refined spaces. Eternally in search of what makes each city and location unique, she infuses a marked sense of style and place into her elegant and cohesive designs. Her passion for capturing the essence of singular beauty attracts her to integrating unique pieces made with artistry and craftsmanship that further the chosen narrative. When asked what she would like to bring to her new role, Anne responded:

“Renewed energy, a fresh take on who we are and where we’re going. I’m looking forward to pushing our design point of view in new directions, which we’ve already started to do with our more recent work. Passion for design to motivate and inspire my design teams, giving them the direction and support they need to do their best work, to break some rules”.

With a design portfolio that spans the globe, Anne’s latest endeavor is the Four Seasons Hotel in Sao Paulo, opening in 2018. This groundbreaking project is a demonstration of Anne’s personal interpretation of iconic Brazilian themes and a design that aims to lead the Four Seasons style into a more residentially driven space. Guest rooms and common areas will feature bold colors and patterns, locally sourced materials and innovative design components to enhance the guest experience. Soon after, she will also unveil the most coveted Capella Bangkok hotel on the banks of the Chao Phraya River. These are notable feathers in her cap that accompany other such accomplishments as the Peninsula Chicago, Four Seasons Hotels in Bora Bora, Carmelo, Milan and Houston, among numerous others.

Ritz-Carlton Chicago

Four Seasons Hotel Sao Paulo














Billy Quimby’s fascination with space has acted as a philosophical boomerang throughout his life and career. His early introduction to the way space can shape peoples’ experiences came from his own upbringing, where he shared a small home in upstate New York with his parents and six siblings. He spent most of his childhood conceptualizing imaginative and fantastical living spaces, which led him to Cornell University, where he received a Bachelor of Architecture with the goal of becoming a residential architect. Upon graduating, Billy moved west to California and joined BAMO in 2000, discovering the world of interiors through BAMO’s portfolio of hospitality and residential clients around the world. A brief sojourn to Los Angeles allowed him to further explore and develop his technical knowledge, as an architect for a residential design-build firm. However, the draw of spatial experience was strong and quickly led him back to interiors, and BAMO, in 2008. The marriage of his previous design experiences enabled Billy to extend his expertise from architecture to interior architectural and custom installations. Billy prides himself on creating meticulous backdrops upon which he layers the design story, a skill and vision he developed early on in his career at BAMO by focusing on detailing his projects from conception to completion. A registered architect with over 20 years of experience, Billy has perfected his ability to find balance and harmony in the most complex of projects, easily navigating and imposing his contemporary vision with resourceful, hands-on execution.

A challenge in need of Billy’s particular skillset presented itself in the form of 2015 Gold Key Award Winning Four Seasons Resort Dubai at Jumeriah Beach. Billy spent three years on the ground managing transitions and working with various stakeholders, all while stewarding the design. He drove the project from start to finish and considers it his most defining project to date because it tested his ability to bring various disjointed processes together in a harmonious fashion. When asked about his execution style for his various projects, Billy said the following:

“Every project presents a challenge on how you relate to the team getting the project built versus the team who creates the documents.  Everyone speaks a different language, whether it be an actual language or their terminology and you have to find a way to relate to everyone to make the project a success.”

 While this is undoubtedly easier said than done, Billy has proven his ability to speak these languages fluently, allowing him to overcome virtually every challenge thrown his way. Currently, he’s applying his “in the field” abilities in the final stages of installation at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Chicago, where his strong contemporary architectural sensibilities and attention to detail have proven essential to creating sublime spaces with the undeniable mark of BAMO vision and design.

BAMO’s existing leadership express their confidence in the selection of Wilkinson and Quimby as they project the passion and resolve needed to propel the future they envision. Principals Gerry Jue and Michael Booth commented:

“In their respective 23 and 15 years with the BAMO family, Anne and Billy have been consistent in their commitment to the firm’s success – always putting client satisfaction and design integrity first. The principals trust them. We trust them. We look forward to this exciting journey into the future through their fresh eyes and distinctive style.

This new stage of growth for BAMO is exciting for several reasons; not only does it highlight a forward-thinking attitude toward the future, but it is one that expands the scope, vision and impact of the enterprise on the international stage. It also clearly communicates the firm’s belief in fostering the growth and development of in-house talent, a trend that undoubtedly will continue its expansion as the industry takes notice of the accomplishments garnered by this practice. It also proves once again that BAMO is never bound by custom, convention or the limits of self-imposed conditions.